Upcoming Cannabis Apparel


Upcoming Cannabis Apparel

Cannabis Apparel – The place for 1st drop announcements on merch happens here. Holy Roller Apparel — a Canadian brand of quality unrefined hemp rolling papers & cannabis apparel.

CANNABIS APPAREL: Snapback — Pass Joints Not Judgement

This concept is currently in concept mode; meaning we are hashing out the details from the seamtape and embroidery on the underside to designing the label and authenticity sticker. With a concentration on new casual headwear and future growers hats, new Holy Roller Apparel should be launched by the end of 2023. Our goal is to provide uniqueness in the cannabis apparel industry with the utmost attention to quality, design and fine details, while still being affordable pieces. Frankly… it’s gonna be dope.

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LOW BATCHHoly Roller Apparel is a sole individual business. There is no funding, there is no added help. With that said, current stock quantities for products are limited to keep cost and risk down. This small business is run by one person; the design, the website, the social media and everything in between… it’s me. Apart from the manufacturing of products, ‘we’ is really ‘I’ so your support is incredibly important, especially on social media! Please consider a follow on Instagram. You can also find me on X and the ever so cannabis-friendly platform… TikTok. (cue the sarcasm).

The HRA philosophy on brand & product building:

  • quality is priority — attention to material & manufacturing
  • price point to be reasonable but also incorporate plans for higher end products in the future
  • quality versus quantity — low batch stock
  • fine details, innovative ideas and dope as hell looks

WHOLESALE — Interested in carrying products for your dispensary or shop? Please reach out through the Contact Page.