What to Consider when Choosing Rolling Papers

Let’s face it… there are many different brands and characteristics when considering the purchase of rolling papers so it’s important to keep three key factors in mind: the material, flavour, and size.


Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or just starting out, understanding the differences in rolling paper materials can make your choice easier. Each material can affect the rolling and burning experience differently, offering varying levels of durability and adding distinct flavors to your smoke. Here are some common rolling paper materials:

  • Paper: Traditional rolling papers are made from paper. They are a classic choice and offer a neutral smoking experience.
  • Rice: Rice papers are known for their thinness and slow burn. They provide a clean and mild taste to your smoke.
  • Clear Cellulose: Clear cellulose papers are transparent and burn cleanly. They don’t contribute any additional flavor to your smoking material.
  • Hemp: Hemp papers are environmentally friendly and often preferred by those seeking a natural, earthy flavor. Some prefer unbleached (unrefined) hemp papers for an even more authentic taste.
  • Wood Pulp, Flax, and Esparto: These are less common materials but can provide unique smoking experiences, with varying levels of flavor and burn characteristics.


If you opt more than the natural taste of your dry herbs or tobacco, flavoured rolling papers are an option. These papers are infused with fruit essences to enhance your smoking experience. Popular flavours include strawberry, grape, green apple and many more. If you aren’t keen on tasting your weed, then many go the route of flavoured rolling papers instead.


Rolling papers come in various sizes, from standard to king-sized and even larger. The size you choose depends on your personal preference and the amount of smoking material you wish to use in each roll. Larger papers are suitable for rolling bigger joints or cigarettes, while standard-sized papers are more compact and portable.

Basically, choosing your papers REALLY comes down to personal preference! Some prefer flavoured papers, some choose their old faithfuls and others like to collect and experiment. At Holy Roller Apparel we encourage people to explore the multitude of options out there and give our Canadian rolling papers a try.

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