Why Glass Filter Tips?

Holy Roller Reusable Glass Tips

Why Glass Filter Tips?

why glass filter tips

Why Glass Filter Tips? — Preserve the Quality of your Smoke with a touch of glass for your gas.

Elevate your smoking experience with the Holy Roller black reusable glass filter tips.

Glass filter tips have multiple advantages including the ability to cool and condense the smoke, resulting in a smoother inhale. It achieves this through the indentations on the inside of the glass which slows the flow and creates a greater surface area which in-turn allows the smoke to cool down for a smoother pull.

Not only do reusable glass tips feel sturdy in your roll, they also feel solid on your lips. With the use of traditional paper filters, you can now say goodbye to passing your joint and getting it back soggy, damp and nasty.

With glass tips being reusable, it means less waste in both the filter method (no paper waste to toss out) and it means less waste of your precious flower. Your cannabis burns completely clean to the glass while simultaneously reducing the harsh flavour at the very end of your smoke. It’s a win win situation.

Cleaning of reusable glass tips is easy — all you need is a bit of isopropyl alcohol, cotton swabs or bristled pipe cleaners (or an old toothbrush) and a container to soak the tip in. Rinse, dry and you’re good to roll.

Elevate your smoking experience with the Holy Roller black reusable glass tips. These feature a flat round mouthpiece and are just under 1.5 inches long. We offer tips in single quantities or get 20% off our 3 Pack offer with a discount code. At checkout, enter HRAGLASSTIPS.

Why Glass Filter Tips

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