Can Rolling Papers go Bad?

We Ask the Question: Can Rolling Papers go Bad?

Can rolling papers go bad?

Short answer… No. (as long as you store them properly)

If you’re a consumer of the ganja, you might wonder if rolling papers have an expiration date. In our latest post, we delve into the world of the roll and provide you with a few details on what you need to know about rolling paper shelf life.

With there being an abundance of brands of rolling papers in the cannabis community, there also comes a variety of materials they’re produced from. There’s rice papers, hemp, wood pulp, unbleached, flax and even Esparto; papers that come from the Esparto grass. What you choose, really comes down to your own personal preference and experience. Whatever you do end up choosing, you shouldn’t have to ever worry about any of your papers expiring. With that said, we did find that flavoured papers, do leave a less than desirable taste after an extended amount of time — that strawberry flavour ends up tasting more bleh than it does berry.

The truth is, moisture and humidity is the main factor to keeping your papers fresh. Sooo… which is it? CAN rolling papers go bad? Common sense comes into play. If you live in a humid or damp environment, then consider storing your papers in an air-tight container as dampness can affect the gum arabic; the material manufactures use to make the rolling paper glue. Your papers may become less than sticky when it comes to sealing up your rolls. Also, keep them out of the light for long periods of time, as they’ll become brittle as they age. (To be honest, we don’t anticipate many rolling papers sitting in one spot for a length of time and not getting used… but we should mention this tip none-the-less)

Long story short… keep your papers stored inside your stash kit or a dark dry spot and you won’t ever have any issues of rolling papers going bad or the gum not sticking. Easy.

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You’re honestly more likely to expire before a pack of Zigs. My buddy found a pack of papers that belonged to his dad about 30 years ago. We rolled one up and it worked fine!
Can Rolling Papers go Bad?

A New Brand Emerging

With there being a variety of rolling paper brands on the shelves, most people have their regular go-to’s and die-hard faves. We’re hoping there’s those that are ready to try something new for their rolls — a new brand & vibe in the community.

That’s where we come in…

Holy Roller Apparel is a small, bootstrap company with a focus on an elevated experience to our smoke and our lifestyles. We’re currently featuring our new, kingsize slim, no aftertaste ‘Sinner’ rolling papers; the first in our future collection. These rolling papers are comprised of unrefined hemp (not bleached), and feature slow, even burns throughout your smoke — zero canoes here.

Not only do our papers smoke clean and smooth, they come in a stylish magnetic closure booklet. Every booklet of our kingsize slim papers comes with 32 leaves plus perforated tear off paper tips. Each one of our cartons are shrink-wrapped sealed and available to purchase at retail pricing and wholesale for shops and dispensaries. Want to up your gear even more? Check out our smooth black glass filter tips for a distinct touch to your joints.

Elevate your smoking experience with Holy Roller’s kingsize slim papers; a Canadian brand of high quality rolling papers.

HRA best rolling papers


  • KingSize Slim 107mm x 44mm, 13 gsm
  • 32 leaves + 32 filters per booklet
  • unrefined hemp
  • 100% natural arabic gum
  • slow even burning
  • no aftertaste
  • booklets with magnetic closure
  • gold foil printed booklets

If you’re interested in trying our papers, head on over to our online shop and follow us on Instagram for giveaways.

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Let's Roll

Inspire, admire and create fire. A Canadian brand; Holy Roller Apparel is an upcoming venture of cannabis apparel and goods. Subscribe to the Holy Grail newsletter for email notification once new product drops. 

can rolling papers go bad?

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