How to Clean Glass Filter Tips?

How to Clean Glass Filter Tips?

How to clean glass filter tips? best rolling papers with tips

Keeping your glass filter tips clean and reusable is a breeze.

Simply place them in a zip lock bag or food storage container with a lid, add some disinfectant isopropyl alcohol, coarse salt, give it a gentle shake, rinse with water and done! Helpful cleaning aids which you may have around your house include toothpicks, q-tips, a paperclip or kid’s pipe cleaners — you know, those kindergarten fuzzy sticks you’d bend into shapes and glue to paper plates and construction paper?  Masterpieces fit for centre display on the family fridge — those pipe cleaners.


I digress… simply see what you have on hand, or visit your closest dollar store for all these bits.

How to Clean Glass Filter Tips?

    1. Rinse with hot water. 
    2. Place in a zip lock bag or small food storage container with tight fitting lid
    3. Pour in 1 to 2 tablespoons of coarse salt
    4. Pour in a high concentration of isopropyl* (99% recommended)
    5. Seal bag/container and shake well
    6. Optionally let tips sit in solution for a few minutes
    7. Grab that pipe cleaner and get in there!
    8. Rinse with warm water (& repeat steps if necessary). Let dry ~ voilà
How to Clean Glass Filter Tips?

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how to clean glass tips?

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