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Glass tips offer a smoother, tastier smoke and help keep the heat down so you get a slow, quality burn. No more burned fingers or lips, and there’s no waste in your roll or added waste to the environment. They are reusable, easy to clean and bring a special feel to your smoke.

Elevate your smoking experience with the Holy Roller black reusable glass tips. These feature a flat round mouthpiece and are just under 1.5 inches long. We offer tips in singles, a 3 Pack option or you’ll find one in our Sample Mix with a booklet of rolling papers. 

HRA Glass Tip Specs:

  • 8mm round/flat tip
  • 1.5″ long black glass

Preserve the quality of your smoke. Learn more about the benefits of using glass filter tips.

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Pair your glass tips with a booklet of our kingsize slim, unrefined hemp, Sinner rolling papers. Our magnetic style booklet of papers also come with paper tips; 32 tear-out paper tabs with a perforated end.

Glass for your gas and paper for your vapor. 

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