Our Best Rolling Papers


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Kingsize slim for the long roll

Unrefined Hemp — the best rolling papers!

Boxes have arrived! We’re proud of these and can’t wait for you to try them. 


  • cartons contain 22 booklets
  • kingsize slim
  • 32 leaves + 32 filters per booklet
  • unrefined hemp
  • low batch/limited cartons available for first stock

Want to learn a little more about these rolling papers and our future plans? Here’s some details.

Our Best Rolling Papers - Holy Roller Apparel
best rolling papers

Ready to try something different?

Right now Holy Roller Apparel has a special offer where you can get 3 booklets and your choice of sticker for $10 (+ small shipping fee). In this 3 Pack Special Offer you get:

  • 3 Sinner rolling paper booklets
  • 1 Stoner Jesus sticker OR 1 Death Before Coffee Sticker OR 1 Give me a Minute Sticker
  • Personalized affirmation thank you card

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