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Stoner Jesus Snapback Concept

Stay elevated with the OG Plant Daddy snapback

This snapback is currently in Concept Mode with production planned for 2023. Details may change; but in time, final product photos will replace the current concept graphics for accuracy. Production of pieces will be small batch and limited stock for the present time. If you’re interested in the Stoner Jesus snapback or anything else in our line of cannabis merch, consider signing up below to receive an email notification once items drop.

Although we are limited in different products at this early stage, we do offer our first batch of fine rolling papers for purchase. How about rolling up with something different than your usual go-to papers? Our kingsize slim, Sinner rolling papers are made of unrefined hemp (no bleach) and come in a magnetic style booklet with perforated tear off filter tips. They are comparable; and in some cases, better than the most popular brands on the market today. We offer options of 3 packs of rolling papers, a Sample Mix, a Duo Pack and more — you don’t need to spend a lot to try something new!

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We are committed to bringing a higher quality of unique & creative Canadian cannabis apparel to the market at an affordable price. As a bootstrap; one person company, we/I appreciate your support by following along or giving a Like on our social media pages; Instagram, or X.

WHOLESALE — Interested in carrying products for your dispensary or shop? Please reach out through the contact page or you can register for an account by visiting our wholesale signup page. Stay lifted with HRA — we’re bringing an elevated look to cannabis apparel in 2024.

HRA best rolling papers



  • KingSize Slim 107mm x 44mm
  • 13 gsm
  • 32 leaves + 32 filters per booklet
  • unrefined hemp
  • 100% natural arabic gum
  • slow even burning
  • no funky taste
  • booklets with magnetic closure
  • posh gold foil printed booklets
Let's Roll

Inspire, admire and create fire. A Canadian brand; Holy Roller Apparel is an upcoming venture of cannabis apparel and goods. Subscribe to the Holy Grail newsletter for email notification once new product drops. 

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