Holy Roller Apparel provides the ultimate collectable Canadian rolling papers. glass filter tips. Weed clothing Canada and Canadian rolling papers. Holy Roller Apparel. Canadian Cannabis apparel brand. Weed clothing, available for your dispensary and cannabis merch, weed clothing brand & best rolling papers

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This concept is coming to life soon

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Unrefined hemp, kingsize slim

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Holy Roller Apparel is an up-and-coming Canadian brand of fine cannabis apparel and quality provisions for an elevated lifestyle. HRA gear is for all those with their heads in the clouds, touting good vibes and positivity with a dash of devilish fun — it is the devil’s lettuce after all.

Inspire, admire and create fire. HRA is a new venture that is only beginning to roll, highlighting our Sinner rolling papers and our new black glass filter tips. Our rolling papers are of high quality, unrefined hemp. Get more in your roll with these kingsize slim, slow burning, tasteless rolling papers.

Elevate Your Smoking Experience with a new look in Cannabis Apparel & Rolling Papers

weed clothing canada


Wholesale for Dispensaries

Get our unrefined hemp, kingsize slim papers and glass filter tips for your dispensary or shop

Interested in being a select distributor for HRA papers? If you have any inquiries or if you’re looking for information on wholesale prices for your dispensary or shop — Reach out…

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Holy Roller Reusable Glass TIps
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Stay Enlightened — Marijuana Merchandise

Stay Elevated — Stay Enlightened

Join The Holy Grail special interest list for special announcements before they hit the social feeds. As a bootstrap company, clothing & gear will be available in low batch quantities. Add your email and we’ll let you know first once a new item drops. You’ll also get access to special discount codes, find out what’s coming soon or get the scoop on upcoming giveaways.

Glass Tips for your Rips

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Slow the flow & cool the smoke with reusable HRA glass filter tips. Learn why glass is good for your gas.

Special Offer on our Rolling Papers

Let’s look at what makes our Canadian brand of rolling papers stand out. Our thin, no aftertaste ‘Sinner’ rolling papers are kingsize slim size for those longer rolls. They are comprised of unrefined hemp (not bleached), and feature slow, even burning throughout your smoke.

Not only do our papers smoke clean and smooth, they come in a stylish magnetic closure booklet. Every booklet of our kingsize slim papers comes with 32 leaves + perforated tear off paper tips. Want to up your gear even more? Check out our smooth black glass filter tips. Elevate your smoking experience with Holy Roller’s kingsize slim papers; a Canadian brand of high quality rolling papers plus quality cannabis merch.

– KingSize Slim 107mm x 44mm, 13 gsm
– 32 leaves + filter tips per booklet
– unrefined hemp
– 100% natural arabic gum
– slow burning
– no odd after taste
– booklets with magnetic closure and gold foil

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weed clothing canada
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HOLY ROLLER APPAREL — A CANNABIS APPAREL & PROVISIONS CO. – Holy Roller is an upcoming venture of cannabis apparel & goods with hopes of lighting up a little spark. It is a Canadian Cannabis brand born from positivity & good vibes. Canadian rolling papers & weed clothing Canada never looked so good. We are featuring our kingsize slim rolling papers made of unrefined hemp. Your one stop for Glass filter tips and fine quality Canadian cannabis apparel. Cannabis apparel brand and guess what a Canadian Cannabis apparel brand and Canadian rolling papers. Weed clothing weed clothing Weed clothing canada but soon because as a result weed clothing canada however because apparel and 420 clothing, dispensary, cannabis merch

Cannabis clothing is our thing, therefore help us grab the attention of the largest dispensary, Planet13 in Vegas — we would love to sell our Canadian rolling papers and glass filter tips there. Our current Canadian rolling papers are limited batch but will feature more sizes in the near future. Cannabis apparel brand. Don’t forget a Canadian Cannabis Apparel Brand. Weed clothing because but soon in summary  because because in summary but also also